Dan Corkill

Welcome to my personal web pages. (Umass-related information can be found at http://cics.umass.edu/~corkill).


I enjoy playing, restoring, and maintaining pinball machines. I'm always on the lookout for places to play pinball around the Amherst, Massachusetts area. Drop me an e-mail at dancorkill@comcast.net. By the way, did I mention that I enjoy playing pinball?

The Tiers

The Tiers was a four-person rock cover band operating out of Omaha, Nebraska in the late 1960s. Yes, I was a member, so check us out...

Song of the Day

I listen to a lot of music, mostly rock and popular songs from the early '60s onward. I enjoy singing, too, in Amherst LSSE's very casual Come As You Are Chorus and with the significantly larger Rock Voices. Briefly toured with Barry Manilow (sang in his backup choir at Foxwoods in March 2015), but that's a story for another time. I began selecting and sharing a song each day on Facebook and Twitter. Here are my #SOTD selections thus far.

Heartland Farm & Horses

Others in my family are into horses.

Weather in South Amherst

I maintain a personal weather station (PWS) in South Amherst, MA. Here are the detailed weather connditions in South Amherst.

Three-Player “Dummy Hand” Spades

I enjoy playing card games, especially Contract & Duplicate Bridge and Spades. Sometimes it's hard to find a fourth for these games, and I've become particularly fond of “Dummy Hand” Spades, a 3-player, cut-throat version of regular 4-player Spades.

Last updated: June 4, 2015
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